Invite a White Tree Wall Sticker To Your Living Room

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with the popular vinyl wall art stickers in recent times. Well, do you ever think of inviting a white tree wall sticker to your house? As we all know, trees stand for the strength, the pureness, the vitality and the hope. More and more people would love to bring these hopeful thing to their house and make their lives beautiful and colorful.

gfgfVinyl wall art stickers are becoming more and more popular in recent times, and they have another name that is easy wall stickers. Yes, vinyl wall stickers are very easy and simple to apply. Unlike other traditional tree wall decors, tree wall stickers are much simpler to put up onto the wall. You just clean the wall and make sure there is no particles on the surface. Then peel off the back paper of the stickers and paste the sticker onto the wall. When you have finished the pasting, peel off the transfer film on the surface of the wall sticker and make sure there is no bubbles between the stickers and the wall.

You may not only have a tree wall sticker in your living room, but also in your nursery room. There are so many nursery tree wall sticker in cartoon style, and some can even have your personalized nursery name. Tree wall stickers in your interior house will not only bring a sense of pureness and vitality, but they will also add some colors and joy to your house. Some trees are surrounded by the birds, butterflies, which is quite lovely. And some trees are full of green leaves on their branches, which will make you feel so good in your inside house.

So, what are you still waiting for? If you would love the lives I have talked about in this post, just search for the tree wall stickers, you will never be regretful of getting such a lovely wall decor in your own space.


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Nursery Tree Wall Decal

Today I would love to share a pleasant purchasing experience with you. That is a nursery tree decal for my son Nick’s room. Last month, when I was just surfing the Internet, I came across a wall sticker’s shop who is selling a variety of beautiful wall decors. You will easily find animal wall stickers, such as butterfly and birds at which is much more pretty to put onto the walls. Before then, I have just heard about vinyl wall art decors, but I haven’t had one to add to my house. So I don’t know how beautiful and innovative these lovely decors are. After having a glance of the wall sticker’s shop, I decided to order a nursery tree wall decal for my son’s room.

My son Nick, by the way, is my great boy who loves all cartoon things so much. He loved the nursery tree wall decal so much when we received the package. What I have to say is that the shipment is so fast and the customer service is warm and great too. We were all excited to put this nursery tree sticker up onto the nursery wall.

I read the “how to apply” page at the wall sticker’s shop and began the installment. It was quite simple for us, because unlike other traditional wall decors, there was no need to use other pasting tools but just our hands to finish the installment. First we cleaned our walls and made sure that it was smooth and non-textured as the instruction suggested. Then I peeled off the back paper of the wall decal and pasted it onto the wall. If there are some bubbles between the decal and the wall, just use a squeegee or a scraper to scrape the bubbles. Before the installment, please decide the layout of the wall decals.
The installment is really quite easy, right? We finished it together with Nick, and he was so happy to take part in the installment of the wall decal in his room. That was really very meaningful.

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Now we have decided to order another wall decal from wall sticker’s shop for our living room. We all love tree wall decals so much, and the large green tree with so many fresh leaves and birds would definitely be a perfect fit for our large living room.

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