The Famous Buildings In The World

There are many famous buildings in the world. Some of them are destroyed by the nature, some of them are destroyed by the man. Some are still live in our life.

The first one is the French Milo Bridge. It lies in the south of France. The French government spend too much to build this highway bridge which across the Tarn River. The highest concrete pylon of this bridge almost reach to 244 meters. It is even higher than the local buildings. According to the measurement, it is 241 meters from the surface of the river to the tower top.


Second one is the dome of Florence Cathedral. It was built in 1420~1436. They didn’t use any sustainable frames when building this dome although the stretching length is almost 42 meters. The designer of this building predicts that it doesn’t need any scaffold because he invented a new way of building.

The third one is the Holy Sophia Cathedral in Turkey. It is said that the Holy Sophia Cathedral which lies in Istanbul changed the history of architecture. It creates the theory of indirect load transfer. Applying of this way promotes the architecture development. At that time, it is the largest house of worship.


The forth is the Delta Project from Netherland. In 1953, there is a serious flood leads to the death of 1800. The authority realize that they must establish a flood control project. This is a very hard work.. But finally they get rid of the perplex of the flood, improve the transportation of this area and promote the economic development.

The fifth is the Great Pyramid of Khfu. It is the oldest one in the Egyptian pyramid. It is also the largest polylith in the world. It is a big project with elaborate structure and it contains surveying, astronomy, mechanics, physics and math, and so on. There are still many mysteries in it. This pyramid follows the rule of golden ratio. And it is the perfect scale in aesthetics.


The sixth is the London Sewer. It is because the sewage problems result in the chocked smell, cholera. Then, they build this unbelievable project. The chief engineer is a knight. He is wise to handle it. At the same time, he bring a comfortable life for the Londoner.

Today, we just talk about these six famous buildings. In the future, we will introduce more information for you.

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Common Wall Decoration Materials

Today I would like to introduce some common wall decoration materials for you. Since walls are always taking up most of our spare space at our house, so we should pay much attention to its decoration. The walls are usually in pure color and look monotonous of the whole house. There are now a large variety of wall decoration materials available in the market for the customers to choose from. I want to have a list of some common materials for wall improvement and talk about each other in details.


First of all, let’s talk about the most frequently used material, that is emulsion paint. Emulsion paint is a kind of upscale material with a relatively high price but excellent features and decorating effects. It has occupied more and more large market shares in recent times. It maintains the high quality of being waterproof, alkali-resisting and brush resisting, and will never go bad if affected with damp. That’s why most families are employing emulsion paint to decorate their walls.


Then, I bet everyone of you has heard about this way of wall decoration, that is wallpaper. Wallpaper is boosting its large variety of patterns and styles which will mostly turn your walls as well as your whole house into beautiful and comfortable one. There are numerous styles of wallpaper available in the market and you may choose the suitable ones for the whole beauty of your house. While, wallpapers are a little harder to install and to maintain. If a lot has been bad, perhaps you are going to change the whole piece of the wallpaper. So I would love to highly recommend a kind of new wallpaper for you today. It is called the vinyl wall stickers with the easy installment and being removable. They are much cheaper that the common wallpapers and much easier then them to put up onto the walls. And they are also sharing the same advantage of maintaining a lot of patterns and styles for the customers to choose for their respective house. You can get vinyl wall stickers easily on the Internet.


Last but not the least, let’s come to the plasterer material which includes lime mortar, composite mortar and cement bonded sand. In order to ensure the walls are smooth and fast, every level of the walls should not be much thicker.

Some common wall decoration materials are talked about above, and there is still a lot of others for you to choose from. Walls are places where are much easier to reflect the personality of the host and they are decorative, so we should take a lot of time on its improvement during the refitting of the house.

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