Keep Your Memory On The Wall

With days passing by, there must have been someone or something that you will never forget. And the best way to keep them in mind is to make photos. Some people choose to keep the photos in the album and today I would like to highly introduce a new way to keep your memory pictures. That is photo frame wall stickers. You are definitely familiar with photo wall which many families use as a decor as well as a meaningful thing at their house. Also, photo frame wall stickers are as the same but more easy to install and less expensive.


As people are more likely to show their personality in their own space, they often put what can reflect their thoughts or moods in plain view. The coming out of the wall art decals is to satisfy their needs of this. Wall stickers are common, while vinyl wall stickers are newly coming out with its high quality and being affordable. Vinyl is a find of material that can be widely used and seen in our daily stuff. It is completely harmless to our bodies so nursery wall stickers are also becoming more and more popular. You can put the stickers up onto the walls with your kids and have some fun. Hanging up your favorite photos on the walls is quite a nice and pleasant thing.


Photo frame category is one of the best sellers at many decal online shops and market. Most customers choose to buy this innovative wallpaper because they have a lot of photos to show. These photos maintain their best memories with families, friends, or beloved ones of the past times.


If you are the one I mentioned above, just visit some websites and choose the photo frame product line. Then pick up what you like to decorate your wall. The shipping is very easy and cheap. After receiving the wall decals, you may start with selecting the pictures of your best, and then display them on this dedicated place. The memories in your own space will show how the past you have spent and how happy and meaningful your life has been.


Photo frame wall stickers can be pasted on any walls of rooms, such as living room, bedroom, dining areas, and along the stair walls. They will show how your family is happy, how your lovers love each other and how unforgettable time you have spent before. If you share the same view with me, or you have already had a photo wall, we will be very happy and pleased to see it. Just contact us and share it with us. We are looking forward to your best memories.

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Living Room Decoration Ideas

The living room in a house is one of the most welcomed space for the entertainment of families, friends and guests. It is where families get together at the end of the daytime, survive from a long week or to watch a funny TV series together. For most of the common houses, living room is on the main level of the house, so it will witness a lot of activity of the hosts. That’s why this place should be attentively decorated into a comfortable, friendly as well as warm space. And the kind atmosphere in the living room will make your visitors feel easy and relaxed.


When you are thinking about the decorating plan of your living room, the first and the most essential thing is to decide the function of this room. One factor should be noticed when you are designing that room is how to decorate this space will make you feel comfortable and which decorating style you would like it to be. Since you and your families will probably be spending most of your time at home in this room, carefully consideration should be taken. In additional, I would love to list a few living rooms in perfect designs that will definitely impress you with the various styles and patterns. Really hope that they will help you with your living room decoration.


When talking about living rooms, the very thing that come to your brain is the complete set of sofa and the tea table in the middle. When you are planning to select a set of sofa and tea table for your living room, the first thing should be considered about is the decorating style of your whole house. The pattern and the color of your new sofa should definitely be suitable for your decorating style since the conflict of the styles will ruin the whole beauty of your house.


Since living rooms are a place where you and your families get together to have joys with each other, there often is a television in front of your sofa. The television may be on the TV bench or recently most families would love their televisions to be set up onto the wall of their living room. It is really a save of room and will be better to watch it on the wall. Also, some classical styled houses contain a fireplace in the living room. It will make the room more classical, luxurious and even a sense of retro.

There are a lot of aspects that are supposed to pay attention to and this post just narrated some of them. Really hope it will help you with your living room decoration and if you also have some awesome ideas for living room, please send us an email or leave a comment to exchange our ideas.

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